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Why do we enjoy working here? There is more to the office than just being a place of work where we spend the day behind a desk. It is a community where we can enjoy ourselves while we create magic for our Clients. A place where our diversity is not a disadvantage but one of our strengths, bringing new ideas to life and teaching us new things day by day. A place where we work together to achieve success and then enjoy the moment when we get there! That is the meaning of being a team for us.

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Each of the team members share some interesting facts about themselves.
István Tóth

István Tóth

CEO, Co-founder
That was where my self-awareness was raised – I lived there from when I was a few months old until I was 6. The magical East – lots of fond memories.
ZX Spectrum
I received the first computer in my life, a ZX Spectrum, for my 10th birthday. I can say that was the start of my career. When you come to think of it, it is amazing how much “smarter” than that an average mobile phone is today.
I am one of them. I mean, one of Lampyon’s founders.
I love it. I love lying in it or sliding on it. I get hysterical when there is no snowfall in winter. Hearing the news about global warming I will get hysterical many more times in the coming decades. I cannot think of anything more beautiful than snow-capped mountains peaks whose slopes are covered with pine forests.
I graduated with a degree in finance and financial institution from the Budapest Business School. But I only had a short stint in the banking sector and did not take me long to find my way in the online world.
Agatha Christie
I think she was a genius. She is not only good to read but you can also learn a lot about people’s character, thanks to Poirot’s grey matter and Miss Marple’s reasoning. While on the topic of writers let me add Asimov.
I majored in marketing and marketing communication at the Budapest University of Economics (now Corvinus University) and I hope not in vain… The wonderful years I spent there…I wish I could study more.
I spent 6 years of my life there. I have former classmates and friends I made there in every corner of the world…
They say I speak too much??!?! (It is by a mere accident that my comments are the longest here. I mean it.)
…That is what I am. At least half, through my dad.
…Look who is talking. Otherwise I am a night owl. I like staying up until late at night, and I can too. However, I haaate getting up early. I am useless before 9 am. So I like sleeping as well, I am just in a different time zone.
Star Gate
SciFi series- I like it because it relaxes and fascinates me. They save half the universe in every episode – how could you want anything more elevating than that? :)
ice tea
Of the Rauch kind. With lemon. That is what I like, that is what I drink. And only from a tetra pack paper box. Tea in plastic bottles is no good.
Deep Forest
It is good to listen to. And also… Enya, Enigma, Holdviola, Mike Oldfield, P!nk, Az Isten Pénze (God’s Money), The Corrs, country, Irish music in all quantities, Leonard Cohen, Bori Péterfy. But only at this moment and in this mood. There are many others, too, depending on my mood. Oh, very diverse? It is, indeed. 
The top of my acting career. I did not win an Oscar but was encored. :)
Marcell Póka

Marcell Póka

Art Director, Co-founder
Pretty woman
Be it a movie or a novel, the point is that I am easy to seduce to spend some time with a handkerchief in my hand. Because when Julia and Richard sense that things will never be the same any more – well, you cannot keep a poker face watching it even for the tenth time, right?
Why Lego? It is hard to tell. I was 6 when I got my first Lego. And I got the last one, or rather, the latest one, 6 months ago. So, if I count well I have been “playing” with it for over 30 years. Although I believe it is more than just a toy to play with.
A piece of coal
One of my favourite teachers said that what makes drawing magical is how you can use a small piece of coal to work miracles on a tiny piece of paper. I may have been seven or eight years old when we visited the Leonardo Exhibition at the National Gallery in the Buda Castle. I was not aware at the time what that magical feeling was that did not let me sleep.
Party filtering
Many do not know about me that in my “earlier life” I spent a long time in the construction industry. I am certified construction industry technician with a specialisation in settlement water management, sewerage, wastewater treatment and water purification. … To the best of my recollection.
Well, tomato is the only food I just cannot get myself to like – even though I try hard.
Engineering precision
If I had not chosen design then now I would probably be an architectural engineer. It is not primarily buildings that captivate me but the design process and engineering precision and the combined effect of functionality and art. Exactly as in graphic design.
Nu jazz
I try to find the right music for every piece of work. With me, it is part of the design process the same way as selecting colours. It inspires me greatly. If I was asked what type of graphics I play I would say Nu jazz is the closest style.
The grass on other side of the fence
I can take a lot of strength from other people’s success. I feel inspired, enthused and strengthened by the fact that I am on the right track.
Well, that is a machine I have never happened to use but I can do cutting, sewing, knitting and corking if needed, and recognise real shantung 9 out of 10 times. But there is a lot more to learn. I want to understand everything that my companion does in the fashion industry.
My theory is that everyone likes the season in which they were born. It is neither too cold, nor too hot and is full of life. What can be more wonderful than that?
Ágnes Lakatos

Ágnes Lakatos

Business Partner
Can do attitude
This is what I approach things with. It makes me keep going until I reach the goal. Challenges motivate me to find solutions, or I search for alternatives to solve the problems. I never give it up!
As the song says: „Baby keep smiling!” I am a smiling person. I hope people see me the same way. A big smile is always a good start. When you don’t see me smiling you better run away from me. ;-)
I love trying new things, going to new places, traveling to other continents, tasting exiting new foods, meeting interesting people, testing new sports, exploring countries and its culture and nature. I have a long list back.
We all need it, I even more!
Family was important, it is and it always will be… More important than anything else!
It is my dream. A big garden with many, many flowers, plants, trees, green grass and a swing
I can’t explain it, I just go for it.
Sweet tooth
I have a sweet tooth. So I am easy to convince. 
Virág Kállayné Árpádi

Virág Kállayné Árpádi

Account Manager
Anything that is pickled I will take…cabbage, onion, cauliflower, pepper…
Means total freedom and happiness to me. Salsa and ballet are my favorites.
I pay attention to the bright side of life and you will always see me with a great smile.
I am addicted to spicy food! This is the first thing I look for on a menu.
I always know where I am going next.
Anywhere anytime! I love it!
Latin America
I am obsessed with Latin music, food, people and culture! I have visited South America several times and I have fallen in love with it!
I take family above everything! They are the most important for me in life. I love hanging out with them and spend some quality time together.
I enjoy cooking, eating, reading about food, watching culinary movies and TV shows. The best part in having a great meal is shearing it with great friends.
Lilla  Sándor

Lilla Sándor

Account Manager
I love the sofistication of Hungarian language. Mixing same/similar shape of words with different meaning is the funniest brain-training.
Spaghetti, Fusilli, Fettuccine, Pappardelle, Tagliatelle, Cannelloni, Penne, Conchiglie, Farfalle, Gnocchi, Ravioli, Tortellini…well okay, I cannot choose! I wish I could be Italian, or at least live near by an italian restaurant.
What the public wants to hear is a good story. Good PR is the telling of a good story. I love good stories. If you implement a PR strategy correctly, your products or message will be placed directly in front of the eyes of the right people.
Vintage interior design is one of my favourite. It’s all about creating a sense of charm and history through old eclectic pieces. We can enjoy old stuff just as they are by repairing or refinishing them.
The Netherland
I have lived and studied in Netherland. It was an amazing time of my life.
Cats are the best. It’s that simple.
hand-written diary
I have written a diary for over 20 years now. It’s really interesting to read them back.
Csaba Brindza

Csaba Brindza

Digital Project Manager
Visuality was always really important in my life and I can relax the fullest when I'm out in the streets with my camera. It's just better if it's an unknown place. I also love trying new gear and I'm in love with vintage, really old lenses.
I'm a regular runner, it's the best meditation for me.
My approach for everything.
I can't imagine my life without listening to music. I'm continously exploring new artists, albums or just revisiting the favourite ones depending on my actual mood. I'm also a big fan of good radio shows from stations like BBC6, KEXP and KCRW.
My hometown
The smell of the freshly baked bread makes me smile. I have to eat it every day somehow and there is only one rule, it has to be really good. That's why I'm exploring a lot of bakeries to find the best bread in town.
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Bence Kádár

Bence Kádár

Head of Development
My first computer. Thanks to it I found my profession: programming.
One of my childhood dreams came true when I finally moved to the heart of the country.
People should never stop developing themselves, because there is no such thing as "unnecessary knowledge".
I appreciate more than anything people who build their success using only their own resources and will-power!
Programming isn’t just a job for me. It’s my hobby.
My girlfriend is the most important for me. But IT is right there in second place!
Unfortunately I don't have much of it, but would be happy to!
Because writing good program code is art - very much like writing a poem!
throwing a tantrum
I want everything. Now.
I’m not a pro, but it's so relaxing after a tiring day.
Katalin Kozma-Gáspár

Katalin Kozma-Gáspár

HR Manager
I like to care about others and pay attention to them. It is my default programing.
My children
They are the best thing in my life. They teach me, bring joy and laugh into my life. However, their upbringing gives me lots of questions. I did not know this is so complicated…..it seemed to be so easy when my parents did it.
The oriental dance is an important and determinative part of my life since 15 years. When your body is the instrument while dancing... this is the life itself!
The color which is calming and beautiful. For thousands of years, Turquoise has prized as a symbol of wisdom, nobility and the power of immortality, but I like to just simply wear it.
I have studied germanistics at university. I know there are a lots of rules and exceptions in the grammar but it has its own beauty.
Eva Strittmatter
My favourite german poetess. Her poems express my feelings.
Pavlova is a meringue cake. It seems to be soft and mild but it is strong and characteristic. Its making requires patience and love. That is why I like to make it for my husband and my son.
I prefer human words, correct speech, not signs and abbreviations. And real smiles :)